CL Compare is now part of the CLX System. Access to the current CL Compare platform will be discontinued on Friday, October 30th. If you have not done so already, please connect with the CLX team before that date regarding the transition to the CLX System by emailing or calling 314-995-9959. Click here to see a demo of the CLX System.

CL Compare Features


  •       Designed and Proven to Increase Contact Lens Annual Supply Sales
  •       Easily identify opportunities to Maximize Profits
  •       115+ Contact Lens Products: Alcon,  B + L,  CooperVision,  J & J
  •       Daily Price Monitoring:  Walmart,  1800Contacts and Costco
  •       Receive Email Alerts on Competitor Price Changes
  •       Show patients the Competition Prices only when Your Price is Equal or Less
  •       Receive Email Alerts on Patient Annual Supply Rebate changes      
  •       Dynamic Patient Price Calculator – deducts Rebates, FSA/HSA, & Other Discounts
  •       Patient Information Videos – Lens Care & Annual Supply Benefits:  Daily,  2-Week,  and Monthly
  •       Videos help you remain compliant with Insurance Companies requiring Lens Care messaging
  •       Intelligently set your prices knowing your Competitors’ Prices
  •       Back Office database allows you to Easily Compare and Adjust Prices
  •       Greatly benefits new CL Technicians
  •       Valuable to Receptionists receiving CL Price question calls
  •       Free Online & prompt personal Phone Support
  •       Simple and Easy to Use

Schedule a live webinar to ask questions and further understand the value of CL Compare.

In advance of Webinar watch the Patient Facing Video to learn how to use CL Compare with your Patients to Increase Annual Supply Sales.  

You can also watch the Back Office Video Tour to learn how to Enter in your Prices , Compare Your Prices to the Competition and Maximize Your Profits.

“This is the best tool for increasing contact lens annual supply sales and improving patient trust in your practice.

Glenn Ellisor, OD

Practice Owner, Kingwood, TX