CL Compare is now part of the CLX System. Access to the current CL Compare platform will be discontinued on Friday, October 30th. If you have not done so already, please connect with the CLX team before that date regarding the transition to the CLX System by emailing or calling 314-995-9959. Click here to see a demo of the CLX System.

Proven to Increase Contact Lens Sales and Maximize Profits!

Results are Substantial

This is the best tool for increasing contact lens annual supply sales and improving trust in your practice.

The tool allows your staff to easily and almost effortlessly show patients that your prices are competitive and to offer them the latest rebates from the manufacturer.

Glenn Ellisor, OD

Practice Owner Kingwood, TX

I have to admit, I was skeptical when approached about this at first. After all, we were already at 65% sales of annual contact lens supplies.

How could this extra step help our practice? “Our practice is different!” Sound familiar? I was, however, tempted by the free trial period without entering credit card information. What did I have to lose?

The results? 3 months later our annual supply sales have gone from 65% to over 90%. Our most skeptical team members are believers. Their bonus check for this month emphasizes that! Our contact lens sales since we started using CL Compare are up 14%. Our accountant is impressed.

Try Contact Lens Compare TODAY.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Jennifer Planitz, OD

Practice Owner, Rancho Rio, NM

CL Compare has been a wonderful addition to our office.  It’s visually pleasing display makes it easy for staff to “make the case” for purchasing an annual contact lens supply from our office. 

Because it automatically takes into account discounts and rebates, and can even account for special cases (eg toric in one eye only), it provides a bottom line number you can count on.  The fact that it displays competitor cost when yours is lower is a real plus.

Our annual contact lens sales have increased 14% since we started using CL Compare.  I expect that to continue to grow.

Tom Quinn, OD

Practice Owner, Athens, OH

My staff loves CL Compare.  We were actually at about a 50% capture rate with annual supplies before, and now we are considerably higher since using CL Compare!

What I like so much about this tool is how much time it will save my office manager from having to constantly update CL price sheets, keep up with rebates, etc.

I also love that the tool is so user-friendly. It is great for my staff that is not as familiar with CL pricing and also for newer staff.

Christy DeHoff, OD

Chesterfield, VA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary benefits of CL Compare?
  • Increases Annual Sales – Elevate patient trust by visually displaying your prices vs. your competition. * CL Compare will only show a Competitor price if they are higher than your price.
  • Maximize Profits – Easily analyze your current prices and receive alerts of price changes. * In the last 60 days, Competitor Prices have gone up.  Have you raised your prices?
  • Learn More – Watch Videos: Patient Facing and Back Office

What competitor prices does CL Compare currently track?
  • Monitored Daily –, Walmart and Costco.
  • Alerts – Emails are automatically sent to your office to inform you of price changes.  * CL Compare updates Competitor pricing automatically for you but you decide if you wish to change Patient prices.
  • Back Office – Visual indicators alert you to opportunities.  Easily filter and sort data.   Choose which Competitors you wish to Compare.

What if my prices are higher than the Competition?
  • If your price is higher than a certain Competitor, any lower Competitor prices will not be shown to your Patient.
  • You don’t need to be less than all Competitors.
  • Your Back Office will visually show you where you are priced lower and higher than the “Highest Competitor.”
  • You will immediately be able to see where you can raise prices if you wish to increase profits.

What additional included features will help Increase Sales?
  • Videos – Three different videos are provided and are designed to educate your Patients on proper storage and cleaning of Two Week and Monthy lenses.   The Daily video congratulates the Patient on solution cost savings.  All videos position the “Annual Purchase” as the best value and best choice for optimal eye health.
  • Standard Calculator – Accurately calculate your patients’ contact lens prices. Easily take into account contact lens material insurance benefits, FSA/HSA fund use, additional practice discounts (if available) and annual supply rebate application.
  • Advanced Calculator – When patients present with differing contact lens product needs for each eye (e.g.: sphere OD & toric OS), the Advanced Calculator takes these rather complicated pricing calculations into account and presents an easy to understand pricing summary including material insurance benefits, FSA/HSA fund use, additional practice discounts (if available) and possible annual supply rebates.
  • Rebate Information –  Timely and accurate rebate information is pre-loaded.  You have the ability to change rebate data if needed.  Email alerts provide any new or changing rebates.
  • Lens Selection –  Over 115 different lenses are loaded into your CL Compare and you easily choose which lenses you wish to make available to your Patients.   New lenses are automatically added as they come available and you will receive alerts.

Does CL Compare Deliver Insurance Required Contact Lens Wear, Care and Solution Use Education?

Yes.  Daily, Two-Week and Monthly patient education videos position the “Annual Purchase” as the best value and choice for optimum eye health. In addition, these videos educate patients on proper contact lens wear duration, care, and solution use.  For VSP and other insurance companies that require this messaging to be provided to all contact lens patients, these videos assure that your patients are consistently receiving this communication.

What's the price of CL Compare?
  • FREE 30 Day Trial – No Credit Card Required.
  • Regular Price: $1200 for an Annual Subscription
  • CL Compare offers 50% off of the regular price for Vision Source Members at $599 for an Annual Subscription.

A full refund is provided if CL Compare is not meeting expectations by 60 days following purchase!   That’s three months (30-day free trial plus 60-day guarantee) without financial risk.

Where can I learn more about CL Compare?

 Visit our Support Center or request a Live Webinar.

Just 15 Minutes